We assist our clients respond to various demands that the business may require when it comes to tax compliance;

  • Tax Returns:
    We assist clients to prepare and file provisional and final tax returns. We prepare tax computations, which work as a basis for preparing tax returns. We monitor the due dates of the tax returns and seek extensions from the tax authorities in case the returns are for one reason or another not ready for submission by the due date.
  • Tax Accounting:
    We prepare deferred tax computations and tax provision calculations, for incorporation into our client’s financial accounts.
  • Tax Function Performance:
    We review clients’ operating systems and assess their effectiveness in terms of tax risk management. We design tax process and controls and incorporate them into our clients’ day to day business processes.The scope and nature of our tax compliance services are flexible and may differ depending on the assignment at hand. What’s consistent is the diligence and professionalism our tax teams provide to address the unique needs of our clients throughout the entire tax life cycle of planning, provisioning, compliance and working with the tax authorities.